Hunger Game : Catching Fire !

Hunger Game Catching Fire

What’s happening Movie on this week??? I think all of you will know it. Catching Fire ! The girl on fire, district 12 with Katniss Everdeen. Yep! The Hunger Game sequel will coming soon on 22nd November this year. Hunger Game : Catching Fire ! Really can’t wait to watching this Film. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh […]

Insidious Versus The Conjuring. The Conjuring is better !

Insidious Chapter2 The Conjuring

Hello Movie Freak ! Did you saw Insidious chapter 2 and The Conjuring? How do you think about those Film? I’ll give my opinion, but you must know, this is my own opinion. If this article is wrong for you, don’t read this. Simple :) Insidious I was saw both of those movie. Firstly Insidious […]

Gravity Movie 2013

Gravity Movie 2013

Gravity Movie 2013, the best Sci Fi Movie ever .In my last Post, I promise that I’ll write about Gravity Movie after I watch it. And here we goooooo……. Gravity Movie 2013 Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) adalah seorang astronot yang ditugaskan memasang panel tambahan di teleskp Hubble bersama seorang astronot Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney) […]

Man Of Steel Sequel

man of steel sequel 2015

Man Of Steel Sequel 2015. This morning i read a Movie news from New York Times blog. Do you know what I read guys? I feeling so  bad bad and bad  when i read that. It’s all about MOS Sequel. Tittle of the News is ” Ben Affleck to Play Batman in ‘ Man of […]